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Less Ziggo channels information

Ziggo has changed the cable network in such a way, that it is not possible to see other frequenties than those that are active in your own location. This means, that my source for generating the Ziggo Dreambox Channels, can only provide the data for their region.

So unfortunally, there will be missing regions for the Ziggo channels. I can't fix that :(


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Dreambox ReStream version 2.3.4

Not much to tell. One code fix which makes streaming from subdirectories working again.

Download it over here

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Dreambox ReStream version 2.3.3

After a few months of slow development, here is a new version of Dreambox ReStream. In this version we have tackled the slow EPG loading. Also the browser should not freeze anymore. The code is probably not final yet, but it should be stable enough to release.

A new feature is to disable HLS streaming, and only have a HTTP FLV stream. This only works on the Desktop version. So enabling it, will disable the HLS support for the mobile interface. This setting can only by changed in the Settings.class.php file. It is not in the setup wizard.

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Is Dreambox ReStream supported on Windows OS or Mac OSX?

The Dreambox ReStream software will not run on a Windows OS. This is because of some part of the code that is executing Linux OS commands. And there are no good Windows alternatives. The native support for Windows OS and Mac OSX is dropped around the end of 2012.

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Corrupted Dreambox ReStream Live Image

The latest Live image from 10 november turned out to be corrupted. I just uploaded a fresly new one. So now you can download a working version of my Dreambox ReStream Live image.

Make sure you update code when you start the image. The EMERGENCY release is not yet installed on the Live image version.

Download Dreambox ReStream Live Image


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