Dreambox ReStream error #2032

What is causing the Dreambox ReStream player report error number 2032?

Error number 2032 means that the playlist is not found. So the HLS playlist is not created by Dreambox ReStream.

There are multiple causes for this error.

1. The folder /iphone/stream is not writeable by the web server. Mostly this is the user www-data. Make sure that this folder is writateble by the web user

2. VLC is not capable of transcoding the stream. This can be caused by not enough CPU power, or the source is not stable enough. When useing the Dreambox ReStream Live Image, you could try to add more CPU's to the virtual system.
When running on a physical server, you could try to reduce the amount of profiles in the Settings.class.php file. Or test it with a movie file on disk.

3. If the above is not working, then you can try to debug Dreambox ReStream and sent the log files to me.