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This project is not maintained anymore by me. You can find an updated version at:

This is a small tutorial how to run a Linux version of Stream2Dream by LTTeam.

The original server is based on Windows with .Net. But I have all my movies shared on a Linux server with Samba. And windows is not able to share network drives. So I wrote a Linux version of the .Net one. This is done without any support of the LTTeam. So I could missed some features or options.
The server is based on the latest Stream2Dream server version 1.7 currently.

Last change: 23-12-2007


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Server started at 2,4Ghz CPU
Linux server (No X needed :P )
Perl 5.8
Samba 3.x
A dreambox 7025


First make sure that your samba is running correctly. You can check this by making sure you can open a share on your windows/other linux system. For example. Try to play a movie from you Samba server on your windows client pc. If this works well, than Samba is correct.
If not, look at the configuration of Samba. Mostly in /etc/samba/smb.conf
Look at the [global] section. There you should see a line "security = ...".
You should put there the following: "security = share" without the quotes.
This should do the trick.

When you can connect to you share, we can continue to setup the server.

You need perl installed on you server. This is for 99% the case. So I am not going to tell how to install perl. This you should figure out yourself.
But you have to have some perl modules. There are:

You can check this with the following commands: (as root)
perl -MCPAN -e shell
You will get a perl shell.
There you give the following commands:
install IO::Socket
install Date::Format
If you have the modules, it will notify that. Or else it will be installed.
type exit to exit the shell.

The server consist of just 1 file name You have to edit some variables at the beginning of the code:
# Settings
#Normal port number (should not be changed)
my $port = 9916;
# The IP of the streaming server (Linux box)
my $server = "";
# The name of the samba share (Not the location)
my $share = "film";
# Change the outputshare to a different place
my $outputshare = $share;
# The location on the disk
my $location = "/mnt/film";
# Output location
my $outputlocation = $location;
# Location of VLC
my $vlc = "/usr/bin/vlc";
my $transform = "";
# Default vlc gui
my $vlcgui = "telnet";
my $httpHeader = 0;

The bold lines need some setup. The other lines are mostly correct.
When you have setup the configuration you can start the server by running: ./ of perl
You should probably run the server as user root, because to have to have rights to open ports on the server.
It will give some debug output when your dreambox connects, so keep the console open.

Last step is to setup your dreambox. You can keep all settings to default except the server ip (Stream from PC option).
You should change this to your linux server.
Username and password should be guest. Because of the "security = share" setting in Samba is the username and password not needed.

Now you should be able to start your Stream-Player on your dreambox.


If you have some problems, you can mail me at: dreambox [at] .

More information

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