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Currently my website has a bit slow performance. This is caused by a new project that I am working on :P

I have restarted my livecounter project and updated the site and code a bit. And what happened.... An Argentina website thought that it was nice to use it. But the site is running a tv show with live video streaming. 24/7 a day. And at top times 1000+ viewers. And they all request the livecounter from my server at home.... :D

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Free AJAX Livecounter

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Get you free AJAX LiveCounter here!

This counter is a "Live" counter. That means that counts live the visitors on you site. And the fun part is that the counter can go up or down while you are reading a website. This is because the counter checks every 10 seconds if there are new visitors or that visitors have left. And the counter updates itself with the new number of visitors. The counter is displayed on the left site of this site. That is what it looks like.

Stream live television from your dreambox to the internet

Dreambox ReStream is a piece of PHP software that allows you to stream your television through the internet. Basicly the software will change the tv stream to an internet capable stream. So that you can watch television while you are not at home. And you can watch on any kind device.

The software should work with any enigma based television encoder.


In order to run this software you need:


Een oude hobby van mij was gameserver hosten. Hoe meer hoe gekker. Maar vanwege een ADSL lijn was ik gedwongen daar mee te stoppen.

Tot vandaag! Ik heb nog steeds ADSL, maar ik heb nu wel een Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe multiplayer server. Nu eens zien wie er allemaal op komen :P

Mocht je mee willen spelen dan kun je zoeken naar de server Yoshie's Fastest of verbinding maken met
Meer info hoop ik later te posten.. iets van stats enzo... altijd leuk.....

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