Dreambox ReStream update 2.3.7

After almost 7 months there is a new update of Dreambox ReStream software. Due to the fact that we are currently happy with the software, the amount of updates is low. We think there is no need for updates except for bugs and or security related issues. If there are still wishes, please mail them to: dreambox [at] theyosh.nl

New version Dreambox ReStream (2.3.5)

A few months passed, and it was a bit quite. But lately some bugs arises, and we released an update that fixes those small issues.

There are a lot of library updates, and some bug fixes. So it is more a maintenance update. But there is just one nasty issue. The auto-updater was disabled in the past releases. We don't know why, but it was :( So to get this new version, you have to download it manually, and update your own version with the new code.

The setup will start automatically after upgrade.

VLC 2.0 is out!

VLC has released version 2.0. And this is great for Dreambox ReStream. We can now stream to iPhone without any extra software. VLC is capable of generating the iPhone chunks and playlist from the same source as the flash stream. Dreambox ReStream did already had some code for iPhone streaming so in the next release it will be there and running smooth with the flash streaming.

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Dreambox ReStream back online......

After a few months of downtime for my Dreambox ReStream 2.0 demo page, it is now back online. The software of my AZBox is now so far that I can stream from it with VLC. So you can watch again some television as a demo at my server.

The demo is limit to a time frame. Because of the power bill the AZBox is only powered in the evening. That is from 18:00 till 01:00 European time.

I hope to improve my software with some new features. Not sure what, so any suggestions are welcome!

Dreambox ReStream 2.0.4

Another update of the Dreambox ReStream software. This version should fix the problem with a lot or boutiques. You need a CSS3 capable browser to get it working.

Another issue is that Windows 7 and 2008 have problems starting VLC when you zap. This problem should also being fixed, but I can't test it because I don't use Windows :P

Further more I have updated some libraries like jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery mobile. This should also make the mobile web interface working again. And with a RTSP enabled phone, you can watch your TV on your mobile phone!

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Dreambox ReStream 2.0 Final!

I proudly present Dreambox ReStream 2.0!

The final version is released after a long time of development. The biggest problem was to get the stream running on a mobile phone. Due to codec problems, the final version has dropped mobile support out of the box. It can be realized but needs some manual adjustments in the code.

The main features are now that we have multi bit rate. Default there are three bitrates. But it can be increased or decreased. More information how to change will be at the FAQ.

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Here you can download the old PHP code for the server part. This code is based on PHP5 and object oriented. So you need at lease PHP 5 installed on your webserver. Got reports of working systems on both Windows and Linux. Get your version right now.

The new code is now on github: https://github.com/theyosh/DreamboxReStream


version 2.4.7 (21-09-2018)
 * Changed player to Clappr.io player
 * Fixed some EPG information and picons