Joshua aka TheOSH RubinghHi,

welcom at my personal blog. This blog contains some technical interests of mine. I like to play with lights. Look at the image gallery for some examples.

Other hobbies are (web) programming. I made some streaming software for the great Dreambox machines. You can watch your tv through the internet everywere!. Other things are temperature measurement, system information gathering, etc...

For work I develop CDN software for mulitmedia streaming servers. This is a sophisticated system that can detect where the need for specific movies is. So if one movie is getting very populair, the system 'sees' that and moves/duplicates the movie over multiple servers. The viewers wont notice it, and the administrater does not have to do a thing! :) This is all done at Jet Stream in Groningen, The Netherlands

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Have a look at my InternetCV: http://theyosh.internetcv.nl

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