New version Dreambox ReStream (2.3.5)

A few months passed, and it was a bit quite. But lately some bugs arises, and we released an update that fixes those small issues.

There are a lot of library updates, and some bug fixes. So it is more a maintenance update. But there is just one nasty issue. The auto-updater was disabled in the past releases. We don't know why, but it was :( So to get this new version, you have to download it manually, and update your own version with the new code.

The setup will start automatically after upgrade.

theyoshSun, 07/06/2014 - 19:54
Dreambox ReStream 2.3

Last week we released a new Dreambox ReStream version. The numbering is now at 2.3. This is because of one big change and that is the introduction of caching. This is main update for version 2.3.

theyoshWed, 10/09/2013 - 22:47
New release Dreambox ReStream (2.2.4)

And here it is... a new version of the software Dreambox ReStream. We are at version 2.2.4 which mainly adds some more debug options. It is now easier to get the debug of VLC and copying the Debug from the browser. So debugging is now much easier.

theyoshThu, 09/12/2013 - 21:38
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Dreambox ReStream two point two point two :P

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And another update. Some small fixes and one big one. Due to different channel lists options and types, there were problems in the mobile interface. The channels won't show up. This is fixed! And I also tried a new way of fixing the horrible players in Android and it support for HLS :(

Full changelog and download here

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Livecounter 2.0 release

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Livecounter version 2.0Today a new version of the Livecounter software is online!. After running the software for a few years, it was time to make an update. The code has be changed over the years. But there was not a big major release until now!. The javascript code is almost completely rewritten.

This new version has the following updates: