Livecounter 2.0 release

Livecounter version 2.0Today a new version of the Livecounter software is online!. After running the software for a few years, it was time to make an update. The code has be changed over the years. But there was not a big major release until now!. The javascript code is almost completely rewritten.

This new version has the following updates:

  • New odometer code. The odometer software is replaced with a canvas version of Mark Crossley. This version looks better and is a but more robust with the animation. More information here
  • A new acceleration and slowdown formula for showing the digits while the counter goes up or down.
  • The live counter has now an time indicator that shows how long it will take for the next request.
  • A better reconnect code to make sure that the counter will stay working after a hick-up with the live counter server

For more information head over the the live counter go to:

Some stats:

At the moment the server is doing 5 million requests a day. That are about 60 requests per second 24/7. There are about 50.000 till 90.000 unique visitors a day.

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