Fix for my Dreambox Ziggo Channel list

Ziggo have changed some channel frequencies to a new 256-QAM modulation. It toke for a while to figure out the changes, but I did notice that some channels that where using the 256-QAM modulation did not work anymore.

After a week of testing and reading, I found out that my code did not look at the QAM modulation at all. It turns out, that Ziggo was doing only 64-QAM, so my list was always working. Now the Dreambox Ziggo Channel list software is looking at the modulation and take that in account with the frequency information.

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Dreambox Ziggo Channel list fix

It turned out that a very stupid programming error caused that the Dreambox Ziggo Channel list was not generated right. For some regions it was working like expected, and for other regions it had problems. This was pointed to me on the message board. Thanks for that!

So you can download again the right channel list!

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Dreambox Ziggo channels theyosh Mon, 10/10/2011 - 20:57

At this time (april 2014) it is not possible to provide all the Ziggo frequenties. You can read here why I can't produce them anymore.