Dreambox Ziggo channels

At this time (april 2014) it is not possible to provide all the Ziggo frequenties. You can read here why I can't produce them anymore.


On this page you can download the Dreambox Enigma2 channel listing for Ziggo, UPC and CAIW television. The information is based on an excelent webpage of Eric Berendsen. He keeps up the latest changes in the channel lists. The list is here. Based on that list you can choose from the regions below for the right channel information.

You can download two different versions. The HD version has all SD channels replaced with the HD versions. So you need to have a HD receiver. The HD and SD version has both channels in the list. So you will have duplicates, but you can use this in a non HD receiver.

How to install

Follow the steps below to get your channel listing in your Enigma2 based cable receiver.

  1. Download and install Dreambox Edit. (For now I have only a Windows solution)
  2. Download the channel list from below. And unpack the zip file into a directory where Dreambox Edit can read from.
  3. Edit the settings in Dreambox Edit so that it can reach your Dreambox or other Enigma2 receiver. You need to know the IP address of the Dreambox receiver. The default login is mostly username root and password dreambox.
  4. Start Dreambox Edit and load the new channels from disk. Clik on the 'open' button in the top left part of the program.
  5. When the channels are loaded, you can use the 'FTP' button to open a new window where you can transfer the files to your Dreabox. Use the 'Sent Files to Dreambox'.
  6. When this is finished, the channels are loaded. It can be that you need to restart the Enigma2 process on the receiver.



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