Dreambox ReStream two point two point o

We have a new version of Dreambox ReStream software. This is rather a mayor update. The initial update was pretty small. But then I decided to rewrite the GUI interface so it loads faster. And less traffic between server and client. So it should load faster now. And has more spiffy javascript code.

Added some nice features on the mobile interface. You can now make a bookmark on the home screen of your mobile device. It should work in iOS and Android. Also the mobile gui interface is reordered in code. It takes a bit more CPU power, but the modern mobile devices should be able to handle it well.

And as last big feature the EPG in the desktop GUI is all client side now. So that should really be fast now. Also the program information in the channel list should load faster. It takes now for about 6 seconds to load in desktop modes and about 10 seconds on my tablet.

For the next version I will rewrite the PHP code, so that is cleaner and more logical. Also I will switch from the XML api to the JSON api on the Enigma2 receivers. This should make the data transfer between the receiver and server less, en probably faster processing on the server. So stay tuned!

For now have fun with the new version at the download page if you have not all ready been notified by the automatic updater.

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