Live image

If a Linux server is a bit hard to install, or you don't have any spare servers, you can now use the Live image. This image is a Virtual Box image. After downloading the Live image, import it in Virtual Box. After starting up, it should be accessible at http://dreamboxrestream. The Live image is based on a Ubuntu Linux server 16.04 LTS.

Download the Dreambox ReStream Live image

Installing / Running the Live image

Look at the installation manual for getting the Live image running.

SSH / WinSCP access

In order to get access to the Live image you need to ssh to the host dreamboxrestream with user restream. The password is restream.

Update Dreambox ReStream software

In order to update the Dreambox ReStream Software, download the latest version from my site. Access with WinSCP the dreamboxrestream server. Upload the contents of the latest version in the folder DreamboxRestream. Overwrite the existing files. The settings file will never get overwritten.
The new version of the software will detect the old configuration file and will start the setup wizard to create the new configuration file.