Dreambox ReStream 2.3

Last week we released a new Dreambox ReStream version. The numbering is now at 2.3. This is because of one big change and that is the introduction of caching. This is main update for version 2.3.

The caching is done on disk. The cache is build up during loading of the website. When all channels and programs are loaded once, they are cached on disk for the duration of the EPG Limit setting minus two hours. So when you have the EPG Limit on the default value off 36 hours, the cache will be valid for 34 hours. During that time window, the webpage will load much much much faster.
Also when you load the webpage first in your browser, and later the day on your iPhone or iPad, it will load blazing fast. This is possible due to the new disk based caching.

The caching mechanism has the ability to detect broken cache data and partial retrieved data. When for example the EPG data of the channels is loaded for 50%, the next time you start the page within the caching time window, the will load fast for the first 50% of the channels. The last 50% will then be retrieved from the Dreambox and added to the cache.

So I hope you will enjoy this update and have fun watching television every you are! Download here.

PS, there is a small Paypal donation button on the About page of the Dreambox ReStream web interface.... ;)