Dreambox ReStream 2.3.6 Release

A new version of Dreambox ReStream has been released. With this version we have some small changes and some big changes.

Major changes

  • New way of stopping VLC on the server. The old code was relaying on closing the browser, which does not work with iPhone and iPads. The result is that VLC is never killed, and keeps taking CPU power when nobody is watching. Now there is a timer that kills VLC in 120 seconds. As long as the side is in the browser, it will do a call every 30 seconds, and therefore restarting the 120 VLC kill delay.
  • Fixed a small typo that made it impossible to watch recorded programs from the dreambox that contains a '&' in the name

Minor changes

  • A cache purge. Now it is possible to clean the cache and reload the data freshly from the dreambox
  • Added HD icon for HD channels. Now it is clearer to see which channel is HD and SD

And some updates. Read the full list at the download page.

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