Dreambox ReStream 2.0 Final!

I proudly present Dreambox ReStream 2.0!

The final version is released after a long time of development. The biggest problem was to get the stream running on a mobile phone. Due to codec problems, the final version has dropped mobile support out of the box. It can be realized but needs some manual adjustments in the code.

The main features are now that we have multi bit rate. Default there are three bitrates. But it can be increased or decreased. More information how to change will be at the FAQ.

It has full support for Wowza Media Server 2. That will provide the stream for an iPhone on multi bit rate. Smooth streaming is also possible, but the software does not provide a player yet.

And it has now an setup wizard. It is not perfect yet... ;) The installation instructions on the website are for the old 1.4.3 version that is not supported anymore.

Download here the software, and run the setup wizard here. For problems try the FAQ or sent an email.

Have fun!

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