Dreambox ReStream update 2.3.7

After almost 7 months there is a new update of Dreambox ReStream software. Due to the fact that we are currently happy with the software, the amount of updates is low. We think there is no need for updates except for bugs and or security related issues. If there are still wishes, please mail them to: dreambox [at] theyosh.nl

This update is mainly triggered by a security bug. If you used the debug function, it does show the dreambox username and password when getting the bouquets and the stream. Therefore we have received a couple of debug mails, containing Dreambox login credentials. And due to the human behavior of recycling passwords, we could possible login to systems of those users that have send debug to us. We have _NOT_ done this, because it is wrong. But to make sure, we have changed the code, that the password is not shown in the debug. The link however, is still click-able, with the password in it.

Other updates are:

* Fixed web url parsing in EPG text.
* Fixed Enigma1 issue.
* Fixed issue with subtitling when none selected. Now subtitles are not shown when not selected.
* Updated debug code to hide the DM password for the web-interface
* Updated jQuery to version 2.1.3 (http://jquery.com/)
* Updated jQuery UI to version 1.11.4 (http://jqueryui.com/)
* Updated jQuery Mobile to version 1.4.5 (http://jquerymobile.com)
* Updated humanize-duration to version 2.6.0 (https://github.com/EvanHahn/HumanizeDuration.js)
* Updated jQuery.ScrollTo to version 2.1.0 (https://github.com/flesler/jquery.scrollTo)
* Updated JW Player to version 6.12 (http://www.jwplayer.com)
* Updated Flashls to version 4.0.5 (https://github.com/mangui/flashls)
* Updated Add to home screen to version 3.1.1 (https://github.com/cubiq/add-to-homescreen)
* Updated Grind player (http://osmfhls.kutu.ru/docs/grind/)

Head over to the download section in order to download the latest version.