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New Dreambox Cable Channel lists

Due to some people asking for supporting more cable regions, I updated the code to support more regions. Now there are four cable companies supported with my script. These companies are UPC, Ziggo (Former @Home and Casema & Multikabel) and CAIW.

This will cover I gues for about 75% of the Netherlands. So it is no longer Ziggo only channels. The code is expanding :D

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Dreambox ReStream two point two point two :P

And another update. Some small fixes and one big one. Due to different channel lists options and types, there were problems in the mobile interface. The channels won't show up. This is fixed! And I also tried a new way of fixen the horrible players in Android and it support for HLS :(

Full changelog and download here

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Dreambox ReStream two point two point one ;)

After the Dreambox ReStream 2.2.0 release, a few bugs come around. So here is the 2.2.1 version that solves some newly introduced bugs. The bugs where mostly related to the new JavaScript and Style sheet code. But it looks pretty stable at this time.

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Dreambox ReStream two point two point o

We have a new version of Dreambox ReStream software. This is rather a mayor update. The initial update was pretty small. But then I decided to rewrite the GUI interface so it loads faster. And less traffic between server and client. So it should load faster now. And has more spiffy javascript code.

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Change the video bitrates for Dreambox ReStream

Sometimes it looks like that the CPU does not have enough power to transcode the stream. By default Dreambox ReStream has two bit rates enabled. This is the 512 Kbps and the 200Kbps version.

To change the bit rates and or the amount of bit rates do the following:

Edit the file VLCServer.class.php and look for the following lines



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