Dreambox ReStream 2.3.2 EMERGENCY RELEASE

Due to a javascript code issue, people had problems loading the page and watching a channel. The problem lays in the code that updates the EPG data. There are two parts of javascript that are involved here.

1. There is some javascript code that runs in the background fetching all the EPG data from the dreambox. These requests can take about 5 seconds for each channel. After loading the data, it is added to the javascript object. This will take some time and memory to handle. This part is now disabled.

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Dreambox ReStream 2.3.1

After a month a new update. This update is an attempt to reduce the lagginess on Safari and Chrome browsers. It looks like that when there are lot of bouquets, it takes a long time to get the initial program information. So that is now limited to three bouquets. If there are more than 3 bouquets, the program data is retrieved per channel and not all at once.

I hope that this will solve the lagging issues.... If not, please do contact me to see if there is something else what could case it.

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Dreambox ReStream error #2032

What is causing the Dreambox ReStream player report error number 2032?

Error number 2032 means that the playlist is not found. So the HLS playlist is not created by Dreambox ReStream.

There are multiple causes for this error.

1. The folder /iphone/stream is not writeable by the web server. Mostly this is the user www-data. Make sure that this folder is writateble by the web user