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Dreambox ReStream 2.3.1

After a month a new update. This update is an attempt to reduce the lagginess on Safari and Chrome browsers. It looks like that when there are lot of bouquetes, it takes a long time to get the initial program information. So that is now limited to three bouquetes. If there are more than 3 bouquetes, the program data is retreived per channel and not all at once.

I hope that this will solve the lagging issues.... If not, please do contact me to see if there is something else what could case it.

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Dreambox ReStream 2.3

Last week we released a new Dreambox ReStream version. The numbering is now at 2.3. This is because of one big change and that is the introduction of caching. This is main update for version 2.3.

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Dreambox ReStream error #2032

Error number 2032 means that the playlist is not found. So the HLS playlist is not created by Dreambox ReStream.

There are multiple causes for this error.

1. The folder /iphone/stream is not writeable by the web server. Mostly this is the user www-data. Make sure that this folder is writateble by the web user

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New release Dreambox ReStream (2.2.4)

And here it is... a new version of the software Dreambox ReStream. We are at version 2.2.4 which mainly addeds some more debug options. It is now easier to get the debug of VLC and copying the Debug from the browser. So debugging is now much easier.

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Dreambox ReStream 2.2.3

There is a new update of Dreambox ReStream. This is version 2.2.3 and has many bug fixes that came from the 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 versions.

Go to the download for the latest version


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