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Dreambox ReStream 2.3.6 Release

A new version of Dreambox ReStream has been released. With this version we have some small changes and some big changes.


Major changes

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New version Dreambox ReStream (2.3.5)

A few months passed, and it was a bit quite. But lately some bugs arrises, and we released an update that fixes those small issues.

There are a lot of library updates, and some bug fixes. So it is more a maintenance update. But there is just one nasty issue. The auto-updater was disabled in the past releases. We don't know why, but it was :( So to get this new version, you have to download it manually, and update your own version with the new code.

The setup will start automatically after upgrade.


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Dreambox ReStream Live image update

A new version of the Dreambox ReStream Live image has been released. It took some time to update it, but finally it's here!

The new version is running the latest LTS 14.04. So it should be working for a while :D With the new LTS, the daily VLC ppa is used for getting the most stable and latest version of VLC.

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Live counter madness

This week we hit a new marker. The Live counter server did a whooping 1100+ requests per second. Which results in more than 30.000 connected users. The server had a bit difficult, and for now it is the max. We are still working on (small) improvements.

It started a few years ago with about 50 req/s but now we are running at 150-200 req/s consistently. This is running on a basic computer with a consumer ADSL line. The mission is to increase the amount of users, with the same bandwith and CPU usage. And we are still growing :D

A screenshot:

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Less Ziggo channels information

Ziggo has changed the cable network in such a way, that it is not possible to see other frequenties than those that are active in your own location. This means, that my source for generating the Ziggo Dreambox Channels, can only provide the data for their region.

So unfortunally, there will be missing regions for the Ziggo channels. I can't fix that :(



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