Terrarium materials

In order to build the terrarium, I needed a big list of materials. Here you can find an overview of used materials and the costs

  • A second hand showcase
  • Some wood
  • Cork
  • Bamboo poles
  • Silk (fake) plants
  • Real plants
  • Bark
  • Electronic humidity and thermometer
  • 1 heat light
  • 1 UVB light
  • 1 heating mat

For the technical part we need the following list :P

  • Raspberry Pi with wifi
  • Pi camera
  • 5 1-wire temperature sensors
  • 2 humidity and temperature sensors
  • 1 usb 220 Volt relay board
  • Usb / wireless webcams
  • some power cabling

In the next pages you can find the building process. It took about two full weeks to build the terrarium.