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Dreambox Ziggo Channel list fix

It turned out that a very stupid programming error caused that the Dreambox Ziggo Channel list was not generated right. For some regions it was working like expected, and for other regions it had problems. This was pointed to me on the message board. Thanks for that!
So you can download again the right channel list!

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Updated the Ziggo dreambox channel list page

The Ziggo dreambox channel list page is update so that you now can choose between a channel list that contains both the SD and HD channels. This is handy for non HD receivers which cannot handle the HD stream.

And there is an option to replace the SD channel with the HD version. This means that you will need a HD capable receiver. The idea is that you don't need channels twice in the list. If you have a HD receiver and HD channels, you don't need the SD channels.

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Dreambox ReStream back online......

After a few months of downtime for my Dreambox ReStream 2.0 demo page, it is now back online. The software of my AZBox is now so far that I can stream from it with VLC. So you can watch again some television as a demo at my server.

The demo is limit to a time frame. Because of the powerbill the AZBox is only powered in the evening. That is from 18:00 till 01:00 European time.

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Development Dreambox ReStream slow down

Hi all,

I have recently bought a new digital receiver. This is an AZBox. These receivers are cheaper than a Dreambox and can do the same thing. And the AZBox uses Enigma2 software for watching television. But the software is not yet finished. And therefore I can't stream to the internet at this time. :(

The development will be slowing down because of this. I still have the old Dreambox, but not sure for how long.

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Server downtime

This week there was a hard disk failure. And it took longer than intended to fix the failing disk. But after four days we are back online... with still a failing disk :(

So at the moment the data is being moved from the failing disk to a new disk. This will take some hours and probably also some downtime. But at least the site is up and the mail is working again.

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