Dreambox Restream 1.4.3 (Finaly!!)

Finally, here it is after a year of nu updates. Dreambox Restream 1.4.3!!! Get your version now. :) :)

This version took so long time because I was bussy with work and social live. So I had not much spare time to work in this software. And also I was waiting for the final Wowza Media Server 2 version. It is now needed for Dreambox Restream. The good thing it is free for personal use. Here are the instructions

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I got some errors containing: '<b>Notice</b>: Undefined index: resolution in <b>C:\wamp\www\restream\index.php</b> on line <b>.

I got some errors containing: '<b>Notice</b>: Undefined index: resolution in  <b>C:\wamp\www\restream\index.php</b> on line <b>.

The problem is that PHP is setup to show also notices. There notices are harmless and it is advised to disable the notice reporting.

You can change this by editing the php.ini file and change the setting 'error_reporting' from 'E_ALL' to 'E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE'

Restart apache and the notices are gone and the software is working.

Finaly its there: Dreambox Restream 1.4.2!

After almost one year there is a new Dreambox Restream update. It took so long because of the fact that I moved to a new home. And that I was not allowed to have a dish on my outside wall. :(

After 6 months I installed the cable tuner and start developing again and here is the result. And thanks for the many e-mails. It really helped me to get it going again.

There are some bugfixes and some new features. If you are missing some features or you having problems, don't hesitate so send an e-mail...

Download and changelog

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Website upgrade

And yes.. finally we are running Drupal 6. I had to manually upgrade because not all modules where available for Drupal 6. But all the stories are there, and all the images also. We only lost the comments. :(

But with an upgrade goes a new design. :) This design is also a free template. You can find the credits on the bottom of the site.

So have fun, and leave a comment about how the website looks like.

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Dreambox ReStream 1.4.1 - Bugfix version

Just after release of version 1.4 I and others noticed some bugs. These should be fixed now.

A problem was that the XAJAX framework debugging was running. And that can be quit annoying.
A transcoding problem, which made it impossible to stream. Except H.264. Which is not correct of course.

And a new feature is that the Wowza server can now be another server than the webserver.

So get the latest version here now.

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