Dreambox ReStream 2.3.2 EMERGENCY RELEASE

Due to a javascript code issue, people had problems loading the page and watching a channel. The problem lays in the code that updates the EPG data. There are two parts of javascript that are involved here.

1. There is some javascript code that runs in the background fetching all the EPG data from the dreambox. These requests can take about 5 seconds for each channel. After loading the data, it is added to the javascript object. This will take some time and memory to handle. This part is now disabled.

2. The other part is that another javascript function is updating the program information in the channel list. The code was not that smart, so it looped every channel to see if it needs an update. And it was restarted every time a program was finished. This updating takes more then 10 seconds and made the browser not responding. This is now disabled.

With the above code changes, the page is loading in 5 till 10 seconds now. It still does an initial EPG request, which still takes some time, but after that, there is nothing being loaded or updated. So the program list is not updating at this time. In a new update, there will be fix for this problem.

In the mean time, enjoy watching your favorite television show from anywhere over the world!

Download the code

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