New version of Dreambox ReStream 1.4

As of today there is a new version of Dreambox ReStream. It is version 1.4. Version 1.3 has never been released if you wonder....

This version supports now Flash streaming in H.264 video and MP4A audio. All you need a working Wowza Media Server. And the great thing is that it is FREE! For 10 concurrent users. So that should do. It can be installed on Windows and Linux.
For now it is not possible to have the Wowza server on a different server than VLC and the webserver.

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Flash Music Video Clips

Finaly, all my video clips are converted with ffmpeg to flash movies. Unfortunately, I have to use the old flv codec because of the patents etc.... bla But to compensate that the bitrate is a bit higher to get the same quality.

The idea is that I want to stream music video clips. I like to listing to music, and some video clips are awesome... So now I can watch them over and over :). Also at work.

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As every programmer you have a play ground where you try the newest things on the internet. So do I. On my play ground there are several projects coming to a full working program. Mostly it has something to do with the internet :)

You can find the following projects: