Major update for

The last month, the website had a busy period. Almost every day we reached 900+ requests per second. That is about 30.000+ users that is seeing the counter. The problem that arises is that there not enough upload bandwidth. We have updated the livecounter under the hood, in such a way, that we can not handle 40.000+ users!! That is an increase of 33%!

The new code will check the total amount of requests, and will increase the time-out between checks from 30 seconds to maximum of 90 seconds. In other words, if the total amount is growing, the time-out does also grow. This will give more room to handle more users. Still we count users that are active in the last two minutes. So a time-out of 90 seconds is still valid. But a down side is that the counter can jump more in value. Because there is a longer time between checking, so the difference will be bigger.

Also we have added a new graph to our monitor system. This will show the active amount of users, the active amount of counters, and the total amount of requests.

Livecounter live stats

Despite the updates we are still hitting the max upload capacity. So we are thinking how to fix this, by looking at new techniques.

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