First Jolla app!

ChoozzeStatus iconThis week I made my first Jolla phone app. I use a Jolla phone for a year now. And it works nicely. The fact that it is running Linux is the reason I bought it. It works like any other Linux device and can ssh to it.

As a mobile operator I picked a rather new company that provides a free plan if you are not that big user. A free 100 minutes of calling, 100 sms and 100 MB of data is a nice start. It costs really nothing if you don't need more than that. The are called Choozze

But with a new company, some basic features are not yet available. One of them is an app that can show the current status of your mobile plan. Specially, if you need to know if you have messages or data traffic left for the month. There is a personal portal, where you can see that status. But that means logging with a browser, and that can sometime be had on a mobile phone.

ChoozzeStatus screenshotThat is why I made ChoozzeStatus. This is a little app that can run in the background on your Jolla device. It is written in QML and Python. QML is pretty easy to learn, and python is pretty powerful. This combination made it possible to make an app that can login into your portal, and fetch the information. And show that in a nice interface.

The app has the following options:

  • Current status for minutes,sms and data left
  • Change voicemail
  • Change call forwarding

Currently the option to store the data for a history overview is not yet developed. But this is in the works.

So if you are living in the Netherlands, own a Jolla phone and has a Choozze mobile plan, this app is for YOU! (I guess there would be not that much... :( )

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