A new version of Dreambox ReStream (2.0.5)

After almost a year of no updates :( here is a new version. Between this version and the previous toke that more time because my AZBox had problems and could not use it. So there was no development possible. But the new features requests and bugs did came in, and most of them I could point out a temporarily fix. All those fixes should now be in the this new release. Go here for the download. Or read on for the full changelog.

There are some big improvements due to the fact that VLC has released it 2.0 version which has iPhone chunking in it. Now we have iPhone streaming without the need of Wowza anymore. This is nice, because Wowza's policy is that it will stop chunking after three minutes in the development version.

What has changed:

* Added default audio language option. You can now specify which audio language you want to stream. This is based on the information VLC gets from the dreambox. Some channels send different audio languages with there programs. Now you can set your default. If the language is not found, it will just play the first audio track.
* Added default subtitle option. Just like the audio channel, you can specify the subtitle language. This is the same principal as the audio language settings. Bot settings are in the Settings.inc.php file.
* Added option for bookmarking TV channels. After each zap, you will see the location url is changing. By bookmarking that url, you can directly go the desired channel. This came in as a request. Some guy mailed me that he would like to make bookmarks in his browser to instant zap to a channel. This way his children could watch television without all the clicking. Here it is!
* Make VLC stops when you leave the Dreambox ReStream page. No useless VLC encoding anymore. (It does not look if there are more people watching..). A late request but very useful.
* Speedup the Mobile interface by using nested listings for channels and boutiques. My list of channels is about 200 items long. That toke already long loading time on the mobile devices. And I can imagine that there are people with more channels. So now I tried to make sub menu's in the mobile website so that the loading of the pages goes faster. Also it is easier to navigate back. I would like to receive feedback on the mobile part of Dreambox ReStream.
* Speedup the initial EPG loading. The current next coming programs are shown almost instantly now. The first time you load the Dreambox ReStream, it tried to load all EPG data from the beginning, which lead to waiting times of five minutes before complete. Now it still does this, but after the current and next upcoming EPG data is loaded. So you can almost instantly chose which channel you want to watch.
* iPhone support with VLC 2.X version (http://www.videolan.org/). YEAH! iPhone streaming without any hassle! It is a setting in the code, but leave it on. So you can steam to iPhones. Which is pretty cool. It also support multi bitrate streaming.
* New jQuery version. 1.7.1 (http://jquery.com/) This will give some speed improvements
* New jQuery UI version 1.8.18 (http://jqueryui.com/)
* New jQuery Mobile version 1.1.0RC1 (http://jquerymobile.com/) This will give a lot off speed improvements
* New JW Player version 5.9 (http://www.longtailvideo.com/players/)
* Updated XAJAX from 0.5 to 0.6b1. This should also improve the loading times and responsivenese.

The downside is that the iPhone streaming also take some CPU power. And the current setup creates four output streams. Two output stream are for Wowza so it can be played in the browser with a flash player. Another two streams are the iPhone streams. It is the same quality as the Flash version. Some people are reporting that there server is getting a bit hot... :) Transcoding is CPU demanding.

Have fun with the new version, and for questions, feature requests or other feedback. You can mail me at: theyosh [at] theyosh.nl

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