VLC 2.0 is out!

VLC has released version 2.0. And this is great for Dreambox ReStream. We can now stream to iPhone without any extra software. VLC is capable of generating the iPhone chunks and playlist from the same source as the flash stream. Dreambox ReStream did already had some code for iPhone streaming so in the next release it will be there and running smooth with the flash streaming.

The next version will be released in a few weeks. Currently we are finalizing some interface issues and loading issues. For now the change log would be:

  • Added default audio language option. You can now specify which audio language you want to stream.
  • Added default subtitle option. Just like the audio channel, you can specify the subtitle language.
  • Added option for bookmarking TV channels
  • Speedup the initial EPG loading. The current next coming programs are shown almost instantly now.
  • iPhone support with VLC 2.X version (http://www.videolan.org/)
  • New jQuery version. 1.7.1 (http://jquery.com/)
  • New jQuery UI version 1.8.18 (http://jqueryui.com/)
  • New jQuery Mobile version 1.0.1 (http://jquerymobile.com/)
  • New JW Player version 5.9 (http://www.longtailvideo.com/players/)

Enter here to see the demo version.

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