Dreambox ReStream 2.1.0 is out!

New and ImprovedHere is the new and improved Dreambox ReStream 2.1.0!. This is a major update, and should be installed on a clean setup. It does not need Wowza Media Server anymore. All the legacy Windows and Mac OSX support is removed from the code. For Windows and Mac OSX systems, you can use the Dreambox ReStream Live Image.

The new version will have a complete new setup wizard. This wizard will make it easier to setup your Dreambox ReStream software. It does some scanning of IP numbers and the location of VLC. So most settings will be pre-filled.

A second big feature is the automatic update check. If there is a new version Dreambox ReStream will notice you that there is an update. That update can be run from the web interface. This is like Wordpress does with there updates. Make sure that the directory where you install Dreambox ReStream is writable by the web server.

Other updates and the download can be found at the release page.