As every programmer you have a play ground where you try the newest things on the internet. So do I. On my play ground there are several projects coming to a full working program. Mostly it has something to do with the internet :)

You can find the following projects:

  1. Dreambox Restream. A software system to watch live television over the internet.
  2. Flashclips. Here you should be able to play some music clips. There are about 2500+ clips.
  3. The AJAX Livecounter
  4. Some OpenTTD multiplayer information. Look live who's playing and who's winning
  5. Temperatures in my house
  6. Webcams
  7. Network traffic summaries
  8. And some DHTML snippets

You can watch it freely and some will be released to the world. So check it out from day to day if there is something new.

First upcoming project: Dreambox Restream