Stream2Dream Linux new Version

For the LT Image for the Dreambox I created a small program to stream from your Linux server to your Dreambox. But I stopped this project in end 2007. After that, no updates or bug fixes. But a new girl has taken over the project!

So head over to to get new updates and bug fixes!

Great work Sunci!

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Dreambox ReStream update 2.0.6

The previous update took almost one year. The next update only one day! :D

This new 2.0.6 version has a much better VLC usage. This will reduce the CPU usage with at least 50% compared to the 2.0.5 version. The 2.0.5 version was transcoding every output. Where the new version only transcode per stream profile. And with the introduction of iPhone streaming, the output duplicated. And therefore the CPU usage. Now this is fixed, and the CPU usage is dropped a lot.

Grab the new version over here

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VLC 2.0 is out!

VLC has released version 2.0. And this is great for Dreambox ReStream. We can now stream to iPhone without any extra software. VLC is capable of generating the iPhone chunks and playlist from the same source as the flash stream. Dreambox ReStream did already had some code for iPhone streaming so in the next release it will be there and running smooth with the flash streaming.

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Dreambox ReStream back online......

After a few months of downtime for my Dreambox ReStream 2.0 demo page, it is now back online. The software of my AZBox is now so far that I can stream from it with VLC. So you can watch again some television as a demo at my server.

The demo is limit to a time frame. Because of the power bill the AZBox is only powered in the evening. That is from 18:00 till 01:00 European time.

I hope to improve my software with some new features. Not sure what, so any suggestions are welcome!

Development Dreambox ReStream slow down

Hi all,

I have recently bought a new digital receiver. This is an AZBox. These receivers are cheaper than a Dreambox and can do the same thing. And the AZBox uses Enigma2 software for watching television. But the software is not yet finished. And therefore I can't stream to the internet at this time. :(

The development will be slowing down because of this. I still have the old Dreambox, but not sure for how long.

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Dreambox ReStream 2.0.4

Another update of the Dreambox ReStream software. This version should fix the problem with a lot or boutiques. You need a CSS3 capable browser to get it working.

Another issue is that Windows 7 and 2008 have problems starting VLC when you zap. This problem should also being fixed, but I can't test it because I don't use Windows :P

Further more I have updated some libraries like jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery mobile. This should also make the mobile web interface working again. And with a RTSP enabled phone, you can watch your TV on your mobile phone!

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Dreambox ReStream 2.0.3

A new version is out. It is mostly a bug fixing round. Check the change log on the download page for the changes.

A rather big change is the extra setting for streaming with VLC only. It was not possible to set a different public DNS name to the VLC server an run it locally. Now there is an extra setting which will hold the DNS name. Look for the variable '$vlcPlayerIP'.

And I hope that some cosmetic issues are fixed. So that the channels are accessable with a lot of boutiques.

Download the latest version here

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Dreambox ReStream 2.0.2

A new version is here. This version has some small fixes and a new feature. You can read more on the download page where the changelog is.

There is still a small issue with the amount of boutiques and the height of the channels listings. I am working on that to find a solution for that.

If you have problems, questions or feature requests just contact me at: dreambox [at]

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Dreambox ReStream 2.0.1

After a week a small update. There was an old known bug in the system. It should not be there and is squashed now ! :) :)

And there is a change in the audio codec for better streaming performance. There are issues with VLC and mp4 audio codecs... Currently I don't have a clue why...

Get the latest version 2.0.1 here and start watching your TV over the internet!

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Dreambox ReStream 2.0 Final!

I proudly present Dreambox ReStream 2.0!

The final version is released after a long time of development. The biggest problem was to get the stream running on a mobile phone. Due to codec problems, the final version has dropped mobile support out of the box. It can be realized but needs some manual adjustments in the code.

The main features are now that we have multi bit rate. Default there are three bitrates. But it can be increased or decreased. More information how to change will be at the FAQ.

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