Dreambox ReStream new version and future plans

A new version of Dreambox ReStream is just released. This is version 2.0.8 and it is the latest version for the 2.0.x branch. The biggest feature is the adding of picons support. The Dreambox ReStream will try to get the picon from your Dreambox when you zap to a channel. It will be shown below the player.

The rest are most css issues which are fixed. A full change log can be found on the download page.

Future plans

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Dreambox ReStream Live image is live

Finally the Dreambox ReStream Live image is available. It took a while to get it right, but now, here it is!! Download it from the Dreambox ReStream project page. More information about settings and configuration will come. Any reports of bugs/issues and or wishes can be mailed at dreambox [at] theyosh.nl.

Download Dreambox ReStream Live image here

Dreambox ReStream 2.0.7

This week I released a new version of Dreambox ReStream. The biggest change is that when VLC 2.0 is used and iPhone streaming is enabled, that the iPhone stream is also used in the JW Player. Therefore VLC takes less CPU and there is no need to open port numbers in your firewall.

Another feature is support for single tuner enigma2 devices. They need a zap command before they can stream. This is implemented, but not yet fully tested. So any feedback on that is welcome.

Get here the new version.

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Stream2Dream Linux new Version

For the LT Image for the Dreambox I created a small program to stream from your Linux server to your Dreambox. But I stopped this project in end 2007. After that, no updates or bug fixes. But a new girl has taken over the project!

So head over to http://www.teslina.com/dreambox/stream2dream-for-linux/ to get new updates and bug fixes!

Great work Sunci!

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Fix for my Dreambox Ziggo Channel list

Ziggo have changed some channel frequencies to a new 256-QAM modulation. It toke for a while to figure out the changes, but I did notice that some channels that where using the 256-QAM modulation did not work anymore.

After a week of testing and reading, I found out that my code did not look at the QAM modulation at all. It turns out, that Ziggo was doing only 64-QAM, so my list was always working. Now the Dreambox Ziggo Channel list software is looking at the modulation and take that in account with the frequency information.

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Dreambox ReStream update 2.0.6

The previous update took almost one year. The next update only one day! :D

This new 2.0.6 version has a much better VLC usage. This will reduce the CPU usage with at least 50% compared to the 2.0.5 version. The 2.0.5 version was transcoding every output. Where the new version only transcode per stream profile. And with the introduction of iPhone streaming, the output duplicated. And therefore the CPU usage. Now this is fixed, and the CPU usage is dropped a lot.

Grab the new version over here

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A new version of Dreambox ReStream (2.0.5)

After almost a year of no updates :( here is a new version. Between this version and the previous toke that more time because my AZBox had problems and could not use it. So there was no development possible. But the new features requests and bugs did came in, and most of them I could point out a temporarily fix. All those fixes should now be in the this new release. Go here for the download. Or read on for the full changelog.

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Dreambox Ziggo Channel list fix

It turned out that a very stupid programming error caused that the Dreambox Ziggo Channel list was not generated right. For some regions it was working like expected, and for other regions it had problems. This was pointed to me on the Satloads.nl message board. Thanks for that!

So you can download again the right channel list!

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Updated the Ziggo dreambox channel list page

The Ziggo dreambox channel list page is update so that you now can choose between a channel list that contains both the SD and HD channels. This is handy for non HD receivers which cannot handle the HD stream.

And there is an option to replace the SD channel with the HD version. This means that you will need a HD capable receiver. The idea is that you don't need channels twice in the list. If you have a HD receiver and HD channels, you don't need the SD channels.

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